Yeast Free Bread

Why make yeast free bread?

You could be on a yeast free diet, or you generally want to cut down on yeast consumption because of several personal reasons.

This is not an easy decision to make, since most foods that are consumed are generally made with some yeast in it. One such regular food that no one can do without is bread. Although it may sound a bit difficult, making bread without any yeast is simple and quite possible.

There are several substitutes you can use and the process is much simpler and quicker.

Yeast free bread however does not require any sweeteners like sugar, honey or any kind of sweet fruits. There is no rising time required, infact you just knead the dough and bake it. It couldn’t get simpler than this.

What’s more important is that, most yeast free bread recipes are excellent for those moms who have absolutely no time or patience to bake bread the meticulous way.

Yeast free bread is known as unleavened bread and has been around since thousands of years. Infact it is synonymous with the Jewish culture where unleavened bread was considered to be pure to eat. You will also find it mentioned in the Bible. Those who suffer from gluten allergies prefer yeast free bread that will not aggravate their condition. With yeast not being used, this makes way for several other types of flour in the process of bread making.

Initially yeast and flour worked together, removing the possibility of the use of any other flours. When you use other types of flour, the unleavened bread creates a multitude of flavors that is loved by most.

If you are on an anti-Candida diet, then this recipe is excellent as it does not involve the usage of yeast. This diet requires the individual to stay away from foods prepared by yeast so that the internal balance in the stomach is maintained.

This is because the stomach makes natural yeast and adding some more to it, could put the intestinal tract off balance. Yeast free bread is one way of taking care of such conditions. Making it a tasty and healthy option for those who want to avoid yeast.