Women's Fitness

Women's fitness is so important during and after pregnancy. One of the best ways to exercise is with a treadmill.


1. Because, depending on where you live and climate issues, you may not always want to exercise outside and a treadmill is right there at whatever time of day you want to exercise.

2. Walking, being one of the best exercises, as it uses all of the big muscles, is what you are doing on a treadmill, (or running, which of course is great too)

3. After pregnancy, you naturally have baby too, and sometimes taking the time to walk or jog outside is not an option but your treadmill is always there and you can put on your headphones and listen to your favourite music or a t.v. program and still get the exercise you need to make you feel good.

A treadmill makes a great gift for a pregnant mom gift or a new mom gift.

there is a lot of information on the internet on women's fitness and treadmill's.(and husband's, if you are reading this, a treadmill would make a great gift and the gift comes right back to you and your family.)