Useful Baby Shower Gift

How about a useful Baby Shower Gift that reduces stress

One of the things that parents most need in the beginning is to reduce stress so they can enjoy their baby in a peaceful environment.

When you come home with a new baby, it’s exciting, beautiful but everything is new too and there’s a learning curve. So anything that reduces stress is a great thing to have.

Some of the things I think that help are…..

1. A comfortable feeding chair, possibly a rocking chair as it is soothing for new mom and baby. .

2. A baby crib with a detachable side can be a great thing in the first month or so. It can be put beside the bed so that the new mom can just reach out and take the baby out to breastfeed in the night without getting up, this usually lets mom get to baby to feed before baby wakes up too much and gets both back to sleep quicker.

3. A musical mobile can fascinate and calm baby, and give more time and peace for mom and dad.

4. A Baby monitor that enables parents to see baby from anywhere in the house.

5. A playpen or playpark can be used in the house, in the park, at the beach or as a bed when visiting.

6 A baby seat where baby can be safely in another position than lying flat – more comfortable baby less stress for parents.

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If the mom-to-be has expressed interest in staying home with her new baby, and anxious about having an income, and especially if she loves being around children this might make a good baby shower gift - how to start a daycare You can also find wonderful baby showewr gifts here at Corner Stork

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Something that all new moms need is a

useful baby shower gift