Unwanted Baby Shower Gift

A type of unwanted baby shower gift can be something that will be too small too quickly. An example would be newborn diapers, while one packet might be a good, many packets might not - there is no way of knowing how big the newborn baby will be.

Newborn baby clothes are another example, (of course some are needed, but how many?) probably the 2 or 3 months old size would be a better choice.

What are Mom's Taste's

If - for example - you know the mom to be loves Mickey Mouse, it might be a good idea to look for baby clothes with a Mickey Mouse decal on them. Baby mobile's are often bought as a baby shower gift, but if you buy one that plays Mozart while it is turning around and you know mom doesn't like classical musis this might not work out too well.

knowing new mom's taste i things would definitely be asn asset.

Talking over what might be a good baby shower gift with the hostess of the baby shower would probably produce good ideas.

Of course if you know the mom to be well, you probably know what she would like.

Anyway, any gift will probably be gratefully appreciated. This is just a short guide on possibly unwanted baby shower gifts.

unwanted baby shower gift