Teach Baby To Read

Teach Baby To Read

back in the 60's Glen Doman wrote a book called Teach Your Baby To Read.

He had developed this technique to teach your baby to read while working with children who had some brain damage.

He had the children crawl through a series of specially constructed tunnels to stimulate brain activity.

He found that specially made flash cards with large writing, when shown to a baby (or child that could speak) -and the work spoken that the card represents, the baby after 2 or 3 times showing the card would say the word.

These brain damaged children were able to do this and had a reading vocabulary of dozens of words.

So when the book was written, it was addressed to normal babies and children, who of course did even better with his method.

There is now a Teach baby to read method based on Glen Doman's book.

This method is fun for baby and parent. It is very easy to do and very rewarding for both.

After doing a few flash cards, ask baby "would you like to do another one" if baby says yes, do another one. If baby says no put them away for another day. You may find that baby wants to continue for a long time, but let him or her decide when to end. Then they will always want to play that game teach baby to read!