Skin Care

Skin Care Tips During Pregnancy

By Aaron Nimocks

The wonderful news of pregnancy brings a smile to your face. To be mothers, remember, from that very moment your skin responds to the gradual changes occurring inside your body. These transformations take place due to the various changes in hormone secretion. Pregnancy might results in the excess secretion of androgen. Thus pregnant women tend to develop oily skin.

Keep in mind

The skin problem that you are to confront during the crucial nine months must not be treated with the usual acne medicines. Consult a dermatologist who can prescribe you the ways to take care of your skin.

Things to be done in case of oily skin

Pregnant mother should ensure that the cosmetics that they chose to use must not contain vitamin a preparations. At the same time, they must make it a point of avoiding antibiotics at large. It has been noticed that both kinds of medicines cause birth related problems. Use moisturizers and cleansers whose labels specifically indicate that they are noncomedogenic. Do not use chemical exfoliants. These may contains certain acidic ingredients that may bring complications, especially in your first trimester. Avoid using moisturizing soaps; instead use gentle non drying cleansers. Apply sun block creams and natural masks to keep the skin pores clean and open.

Things to be done in case of dry skin

Women who complain of having dry skin may have to face more problems during their pregnancy. Dry skin gets aggravated during pregnancy because your body fluids and water present in your blood are in high demand. Your growing child needs them for nourishment. Your only weapon is water. Therefore drink ample of water. You can use moisturizers and sun block creams to revitalize your skin. Do not bathe with too much of water. Take short showers with lukewarm water. You must also keep your rooms humidified.

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