Potty Training or Toilet Training - How To Avoid The Stress

!Toilet training in 5 days There is a lot of information on the Internet and even some books on and it does work with most kids.

If you are going to try "Potty Training in One Day" I recommend reading the instructions well and setting aside a full day with no interruptions so you and your child can have fun doing this and achieve the expected result.

But supposing your child is a bit older and has been going sometimes on the potty or toilet and now does not want to. (there can be many reasons).

You do not want to put a lot of attention on this as it can be very stressful for you and your child.

Below is a simple solution that has worked for many mothers.

1. Go to an inexpensive store (maybe a $1 store) and buy:- 20-30 $1 or 50 cent toys.

2. Wrap each one separately in wrapping paper.

3. Put them on a bathroom shelf (or somewhere in the bathroom where your child can see them easily but cannot reach them). Maybe in a see through container.

4. Don't say a word until your child asks about it.

5. When he or she does ask, say (in a matter of fact or bored voice.) Oh, those are toilet training prizes, for each time you do your business on the toilet.

6. Don't worry if your child looks at the prizes for a few days but doesn't use the toilet.

7. when your child does actually go on the toilet let them choose one prize.

8. When all the prizes are gone. The habit will be firmly established.

This might sound like bribery.

But look at it like this.

Your child is learning a new ability which, for whatever reason, be it fear, embarassment, or reasons unknown, is having trouble with it.

An incentive makes it easier to confront, and once your child has done it 20-30 times, it is a HABIT and an ABILITY GAINED, that your child can be proud of.

Also if you are using toilet training in one day these techniques can also be used as a back-up in the days that follow

!Toilet training in 5 days