Reasons for a Paxil Settlement

Here are some reasons for a Paxil Settlement

For so many years I was hearing about birth defects and severe side effects from people who had taken Paxil, and then I heard about the Paxil settlement.

While intentions were good, this anti-depressant obviously causes more problems than good.

It is rare to find people who have improved and didn't experience any side effects. It is more common to hear about birth defects of children whose mothers were on it during their first trimester. This is why more people are getting legal counsel and hoping for a Paxil settlement.

Is It Worth It?

Some people might wonder why these plaintiffs are hoping for a settlement. Are they just money hungry? There are some families receiving millions of dollars. In October 2009, one family received $2.5 million because of their son's birth defects. He had experienced two surgeries already and would need more. This family needed the resources to keep their three-year-old alive, especially because the birth defects are because of exposure to this SSRIs antidepressant.

Then, in July 2010, there were 800 Paxil birth defects lawsuits settled for over $1 billion.

How Did This Start

Before 2005, different officials and medical professionals were noticing more problems appearing with Paxil usage.

They were dealing with severe side effects or their babies were born with severe defects. This is when the FDA stepped in and gave a warning saying an antidepressant like this increases birth defects six-fold in babies when their pregnant mothers took the medication after 20 weeks gestation. Even more, when it was combined with triptan medication, the person could develop a life-threatening serotonin syndrome.

My daughter was born with a pituitary brain tumor. As a result, she is now blind in one eye and the other eye, she is legally blind. She also has DI (diabetes Insipidus). She will have to be on growth hormones, steroids, DDAVP, and thyroid medications for the rest of her life. Is Paxil the reason she was born with this brain tumor?

- California,

What Are Some Side Effects?

There are few medications that don't have any side effects. People tend to deal with mild issues, but rarely are they willing to struggle with severe side effects for a long period of time. Why should they? Unless it is for the better good and the end results are obvious. Some people have no choice. In the case of those taking Paxil, typical side effects are:

Dizziness Headache Heartburn Stomach pain

Severe side effects can be:

Birth defects Serotonin syndrome

Qualifying for a Paxil Settlement?

You might be wondering whether or not you qualify for a Paxil settlement. One option is to contact a lawyer or firm well-versed in this subject. They can help you decide whether or not a Paxil settlement is in your future.

FDA Studies

When the FDA comes down on a company, it is important to take notice. However, it is not like they do it right away. They begin studies and research the medications. One of the studies was done on Paxil and it included over 3,500 pregnant women.

They discovered Paxil was linked to twice as many severe side effects and major birth defects compared to other available antidepressants. This is why the company has decided to stop litigation and get involved with a Paxil settlement that involves 37 different states.

My daughter had surgery at four months to sever an artery (to her right arm) that was squeezing off her esophagus. Her right coronary artery is attached on the left, and she must undergo a yearly Sestamibi stress test to determine if her heart still receives the right amount of oxygen. This was because of Paxil usage.

- Texas,

Qualifying for a Paxil Settlement