Old Fashioned Baby Shower Invitation

What is an old fashioned baby shower invitation?

It is not old fashioned to send email invitations to potential guests.

But attaching Clipart such as pictures

of babies in baby prams or carriages can be quite old fashioned.

Also, making a baby shower invitation to mail out, from baby shower Clipart can be very original.

Mother Goose invitations are a good example of olde time or old fashioned baby shower invitations. A stork carrying a baby in a blanket can make a good old fashioned picture to put on an invitation.

In days gone by it was not possible to know the sex of the baby ahead of time, but now it is.

Sometimes a picture of a baby boy and a baby girl and a question mark was the picture on the invitation.

Baby ducks have been on baby shower invitations since baby shower celebrations began.

Way back, people made baby shower footprint invitations by tracing a baby's foot on paper and making an invitation out of it with stiff paper. It is still being done today!

old fashioned baby shower invitation: