Noddy Baby Shower Invitations

If you grew up in England as I did, you probably remember Enid Blyton's Noddy character

He is a wooden boy who lives in Toyland. He is 7 years old. Although he is characterized as a child, with a child's imagination and fears, in Toyland he also serves as the town taxi-driver. He often finds himself in difficult situations due to his childlike impulsiveness and energy, but his Toy Town friends always help him set things right.

On 5 January, 2004, an Americanized version of the series, with "Noddy and The New Taxi" as its first episode, was launched in the United States on PBS in a half-hour version. This version, although it retained the name "Make Way for Noddy", was a longer format; it combined two of the 12-minute segments with new material. Along with the story episodes featuring Noddy and his friends,

Anyway, I am getting off the track a bit here, there may beNoddy baby shower invitations available online but if you can't find any, you can surely find a Noddy book for a few dollars and trace the Noddy character with his friends (if you like) and make wonderful Noddy baby shower invitations with construction paper and markers.