New Mom Gifts

New Mom Gifts.

In these times a new mom needs a lot of things, especially if it is her first baby.

Does she have a crib? Does she have a baby car seat?

I am going to a baby shower in 2 weeks and 6 of us are putting fifty dollars each to buy a gift certificate for the mom to be so she can use it to buy a crib. For her, this is the best kind of gift as she would not be able to buy it on her own.

For many new moms the excitement of opening all kinds of gifts for her and the baby at a baby shower is a wonderful experience.

Baby clothes are always needed, onesies are very comfortable and practical and lots of cute designs are available.

Gift baskets with all kinds of things that mom needs for baby are great. You can make one up yourself or even order online.

There are handprint and footprint kits that mom can use to imprint baby's hand and footprints for posterity.

Personalised gifts are always popular,

A matching set of bedding and quilt for the crib is always needed.

A boppy pillow for feeding baby comfortably would make a great gift.