Labor Acupressure

Labor acupressure or maternity acupressure is particularly for pregnant women who are past their due date.

Going to a hospital to have a cchemical induction performed is not most women's cup of tea. They would rather it all happened naturally, and it can.

Usually within 48 hours after applying maternity acupressure, labor will commence. (sometimes it commences a lot quicker than 48 hours.)

Here are a few questions you might ask about maternity acupressure

Q. Is it difficult to do maternity acupressure.

A. No, it is very simple. There are specific points on the body that you press which quickly help you to go into labor naturally.

Q. Do women who use maternity acupressure usually have less labor pain.

A. Yes. The techniques give relief from labor pain without any risk of stopping contractions.

Q. Can it speed up a slow labor.

A. Yes. the labor is about 2 hours faster than the average delivery time.

Acupressure has been around for thousands of years. I think that if it didn't work, it would not still be being used.

Some of the reasons your doctor might suggest an induction at the hospital are diabetes, an infection, lack of growth of the baby and if your water breaks and labor does not start.

If your pregnancy is overdue, I can think of nothing better, than labor acupressure