How To Avoid Getting Gestational Diabetes

How to Avoid getting Gestational Diabetes - that is the question!

1. Maintain a healthy weight before and during pregnancy

2. Eat a diet that contains a lot of vegatables and fruit. More fish and poultry (remove skin) are better than red meat, so try to limit red (lean) meat to about twice a week. Whole grain breads, kidney beans, lentils and nuts are a good source of protein and should be included. Cut out all white flour and high sugar snack food.

3. Exercise regularly (at least five days a week) - Whatever kind is enjoyable for you, so that it gets done.

4. Meet with a dietician before pregnancy, or as soon as possible, to work out a diet plan for you,(including portion sizes) that you can comfortably follow.

Additional information

There is of course no guarantee that the above will keep you immune to gestational diabetes. But it will be a very good start at prevention.

There are certain races that are more prone to getting gestational diabetes than others, these include African American, Hispanic and Native Americans.

how to avoid getting gestational diabetes