Homemade Diaper Cakes

A homemade diaper cake used to be made with cloth diapers, but now most mothers use disposable diapers, so many baby cakes are now made with disposable diapers.

Needed Materials:

Approximately 70 newborn size 1 and 2 diapers.(pampers, huggies, etc.,)

1 Bag of elastic bands (assorted sizes)

1 Large silver cake plate or cardboard covered with tin foil or coloured crepe paper.

A roll of coloured ribbon at least 1 inch thick.

An assortment of baby items to decorate the diaper cake. Such as:-

various baby toys,

stuffed animals

baby rattles

baby nail clippers

baby bibs

receiving blankets

baby burp cloths

baby hair brush etc., etc.,

You can get quite creative..

It depends what size of diaper cake you would like to have.

The most popular diaper cake is a 3 layer cake, for which you would need about 70 diapers.

Step 1

Roll up a disposable diaper, starting at the open end of the diaper. Put an elastic band around it.

Do this with 7 more diapers. Then put all the rolled up diapers in a circle and put one large elastic band around them. This will be the top layer of the diaper cake.

Step 2

For the middle layer of the diaper cake do the same thing, but use about 21 diapers.

Step 3

For the lowest layer, you do the same as in 1 and 2 but with about 38 diapers. (you could use more or less diapers on each layer to make the cake larger or smaller).

Step 4

Put the lowest layer on the base (cake plate or round cardboard)

Put the next layer on top.

Put the smallest layer on the top of that.

You can attach the bottom layer of the cake to the base with small strips of adhesive tape, and the next level to the one underneath etc., but this is not really necessary.

Put a ribbon around each layer of the cake, covering the elastic bands.'

Step 5

Now for the fun part - decorating your cake. . You probably know what the mom to be would appreciate most. Any of the items above are ideal too.

Let your creativity run wild.

If you are going to be travelling with the diaper cake wrap it in cellophane paper and tie the cellophane at the the top with a ribbon.

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