Get a New Mom a Crib

Not everyone can afford to buy the new baby a crib,but a group of people could!

If you think that the mother-to-be would really appreciate a crib for her baby, or if you know the financial situation will make it very hard for her to get one, then you could always contact the invitees to the baby shower and if there are more than say 10 and you think they might be thinking of spending about $50 each on a gift, you could suggest the idea of this group purchasing, a baby crib, to them.

this would be best to come from the organizer of thebaby shower. Of course you would have to be pretty sure of how the people involved would like this idea before suggesting it and of course the mum-to-be would have to be informed so she does not purchase another crib.

anyway, in these financial times, purchasing a baby crib in this way, is worth looking at.