First Time Mom Gifts

There are many gifts for baby that are also first time mom gifts...

Such as a beautiful dress for baby, of course baby is wearing it, but it makes mom happy to be able to dress her baby in it and show Her to friends and family.

A stroller too is for baby, but, what would mom do without it?

But apart from gifts that are also for baby, what does a first time mom want most....just For herself after having a baby?

One of the things that many new mom’s want is to get in shape and back to the way she was before her pregnancy.

A gym membership (especially one that specialises in women’s fitness) could be a great gift for some new mom’s, who could manage to get to a Gym.

For others, a Piece of fitness equipment such as a treadmill or exercise bike might be better, a A jogging stroller is also a great first time mom gift. After a jog with baby, mom feels energized and relaxed for the day ahead.

Here are Some More Ideas

New moms can get overwhelmed, one two or three home cooked meals that could be stored in a freezer, might be really appreciated.

New moms may not be able to get to a relaxing Spa, but a Home Spa Kit would probably be really appreciated.

Anything that gives the new mum more time will be appreciated. A baby chair that rocks of swings baby to sleep, can be a godsend.

A musical mobile that baby can watch and listen to when bored or stressed is also a wonderful gift.

More First Time Mom Gifts

Scrapbooking is something that many new mums become interested in, from the time the new baby arrives (or before) scrapbooking - something like a time track of mom and baby's life and events. This can be a great thing to look back at years later. You could get her a scrapbooking kit so she can make this keepsake.

If you know the mom to be very well, you'll probably know what she would like to receeive most.

One thing that all new moms need is a Diaper Bag, everytime the new mom goes anywhere the diaper bag goes too, if the mom to be is fashion conscious a Designer Diaper bag could be a great gift.