First Time Dad Gifts

First time dad gifts are important, so dad doesn't feel left out.But what would a first time dad like? Ear plugs you say? well maybe sometimes! But what is he looking forward to doing with his new baby?

Is he an athletic type dad that might like to take baby jogging? - In a jogging stroller of course!

If he's a first time dad that is going to be taking baby out a lot by himself, one thing he is going to need is a Diaper Bag,and he may not want a feminine type one.There are now masculine type diaper bags which he might very much appreciate.

After the first month or so he might really appreciate being able to take his wife out by themselves to a restaurant. A restaurant gift certificate without an expiry date could be given and or an offer to babysit for that occasion.

A baby suit with a first time dad's favorite sports team on it might be a good gift or a t-shirt that says My Dad is the Greatest or I Love Daddy.

If dad is going to be carrying baby around a lot, there are many sling type baby holders that can be worn on the body, which arevery handy without a stroller.

Of course, items like baby car seats and high chairs and cribs are always needed by first time dads and first time moms.

first time dad gifts