Diaper Bag

If you have ever tried to travel far with a baby - without a diaper bag, you know just how important it is to have one.

They don't just hold diapers, they are a kind of travelling baby chest of drawers.

You might have various changes of clothes, if you are going out for a few hours and need to be prepared for temperature changes.

Then there's diaper rash creme, maybe a pacifier, bibs, toys, and you can probably think of many other items.

There are many kinds of diaper bags, they have become more trendy and fashionable recently.

Anything from Mickey Mouse to "dad diaper bags" and everything in between.

You can see if any of these are right for you DiaperBags.com One thing to look for in a diaper bag is "pockets".

It is a good idea to choose one with at least two or more pockets on the outside.

It makes it easy to separate things, the diaper creme for example, so you can find it easily without having to look through the whole bag.

A diaper baby makes a great gift for a new mom or mom to be.