Crib Safety

Your baby’s crib needs to be a very safe place. Here are some tips to follow to make sure the crib will not harm your baby:

• If you buy a new mattress, be sure to remove and discard all plastic wrapping.

• The mattress should fit the crib snugly so your baby cannot slip between it and the side of the crib.

• Be sure the crib slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so that your baby’s head can’t get caught between them.

• If you use a bumper pad, make sure that it goes all the way around the crib. Make sure the bumper pad is tied with at least six straps or ties. Ties should be no more than six inches long to prevent strangulation. Make sure your baby cannot get caught between the mattress and the bumper pad.

• Mobiles and other hanging toys should be high enough so that your baby cannot reach them.

• Do not put toys, stuffed animals, pillows or extra bedding in your baby’s crib. These things can block your baby’s breathing.

• Toys should not be tied to the crib because your baby can get caught in the cords.

• Cutouts in the headboard and footboard should be smaller than your baby’s head so she doesn’t get trapped in them.

• Place the crib away from windows. Cords attached to blinds or curtains can choke your baby if she gets caught in them.