When should I buy a crib?

Well, you can never tell the exact date

a baby will arrive.

It might be exactly,

or near, the due date.

But in the unlikely

(but possible) occurence that baby arrives

prematurely, it is a good idea to purchase

the crib at least about 6 weeks earlier than

the due date.

But what about the crib mattress?

Well,there are two kinds of crib mattresses availble today.

One is made of polyurethane foam,

the other type is an innerspring mattress.

So which is best? Well, they are both good.

But whichever one you choose, the higher

quality of either mattress is the main thing.

In other words go for high quality in whichever

mattress you choose.

Beast Feeding at Night

During the first few weeks, breast feeding

in the middle of the night can be tricky.

One way to handle this is to have a crib

where you can remove one side, and place the

crib right next to the side of the bed where

mom sleeps.

Then she can just reach out and

bring baby into the bed and breast feed without

waking herself, her husband or baby up too much,

so that all can go back to sleep quickly. this

can avoid stress from lack of sleep, which is

common with a new baby. cribs