Crib Bedding Sets

Crib bedding sets are one of the most appreciated

gifts for a newborn. If you are going to a baby

shower and can afford to purchase crib bedding

you can't go wrong because baby needs more than

one set.

A baby bedding set should include 2 fitted sheets

a crib bumper and a comforter/quilt

There are many different designs for baby bedding.

Babies like bright colours like red and blue and

can even be stimulating their senses while lying

in their crib looking at patterns on a sheet.

If the nursery has a theme, like Winnie the Pooh

or Dora the Explorer, you can of course find

crib bedding sets to match the theme.

One thing to check before buying, is the shape of

the crib.

There are now round and oval cribs, and these of

course require a different size and shape of crib bedding.

crib bedding sets