Creative Baby Shower Invitation

Creative baby shower invitations give the impression that it will be a creative baby shower.

Before deciding on the invitation you could decide on the theme of the baby shower, so the invitations can reflect it.

For example: you know the mom to be loves Winnie the Pooh. So you find a pictue of Winnie the Pooh (perhaps print one from the internet and use it as a stencil to draw around)

Get some card stock paper and make an outline of Winnie the Pooh to use as a baby shower invitation. Use some markers to color your Winnie the Pooh. Make up a short poem to include with the invitation. (yes you can write a poem, try it now, write down the first thoughts you have, try it - it works.

As a decoration theme you might get some winnie the Pooh Decorations or you could get Winnie the Pooh and his friends as soft toys, which would also be great toys for baby later on.

There are endless possibilities for theme's, baby ducks, Raggedy Anne, baby animals, baby clothes, and many more.

Have fun with your creative baby shower invitations.