Cord Blood Use

Cord blood use saves lives! What makes it extremely valuable is that it is full of stem cells.

Stem cells can cure many diseases.

Until the 1970's or later not much value was attached to cord blood. So it was not saved or stored.

Now you can have it stored after your baby is born in a private cord bank banking unit, or donate it to a public cord blood bank.

Cord blood can be used to cure more than 70 diseases

One of the reasons for this is because this blood is immature having not been exposed to viruses etc., as it has come directly from the detached umbilical cord of the newborn baby.

The stem cells it contains can transform themselves into any other types of blood cells as needed.

Cord blood can be even better than bone marrow because it does not require a perfect match.

Stem Cells are needed in transplant operations, for Leukemia, and many more conditions.

If you are storing your baby's cord blood at a private cord blood banking unit or a public cord blood bank, it is best to notify them at least a month ahead of time so they can arrange to be there at the time of delivery to properly collect and store the blood.