Cord Blood Preservation

Is Cord Blood preservation effective?

Many people ask this question.So here are some answers.

If Preserved correctly cord Blood should last forever. However, preservation of it only began widely in the 70's. and although 15 year old cord blood has been used in transplants very successfully, only time will tell for sure how long cord blood lasts.

Here's How it Works

1. Blood is taken from the umbilical cord at time of birth (after it is separated from the newborn baby.) This blood is particularly rich in Stem Cells. It is then put in bags made specially for that purpose.

2. It then goes by courrier to the Bank of your choice. They have a storage proceduce called cryopreserve which is used to preserve the cord blood.

3. You can use a private Cord Blood bank for storage, which is quite costly, but then it is always there for your baby or family to use if needed.

4. You can also donate cord blood to a Public Cord Blood Bank, where it can be used by anyone suffering from a disease who may need it. Cord Blood preservation is definitely effective and can save many lives.