Comfortable Cribs

Costco cribs are comfortableand this is wherebaby will spendthe most time duringthe first few years.

Some babies find that a crib isso big compared to a bassinet orbeing in the womb.

In the womb when baby kicks his feet or stretches out his armsthey touch something, but in a crib baby kicks or stretches andtouches nothing but air.

Some babies cry and fuss becausethis is not comfortable for them.

Most cribs and mattresses arebasically comfortable but a new babywho fusses can usually be comfortedby swaddling, which is basicallywrapping baby in a swaddling clothor blanket.

There are a few different way toswaddle, (just google) how to swaddlea baby.

another thing that makes a cribmore comfortable is a fitted mattresspad. (make sure it is fitted so thatit cannot get loose). A cottonmattress pad can be very comfortablefor baby.

comfortable cribs