Can Baby Read

Can baby read?

Yes. But I did it all wrong. In the sixties Glen Doman wrote a book called Teach Your Baby to Read. I used the kit of flash cards recommended with the book and my 2 year old daughter learned about 10 words, which if you showed her the flash cards she would say the word.

But here's what I did wrong. I was over enthusiastic about her success and I wanted her to know many words quickly, so I just kept going, showing her new words and having her tell me them when I flashed the cards, way past the time each day when she had had enough. (she was enjoying it immensely before that and looking forward to our game each day. Until I kept going past the time she wanted to stop.

So yes, your baby can learn to read and enjoy it as a game with you.

Just don't make my mistake of keeping it going past the time you see he/she wants to stop.

My daughter is now a film script writer and editor and her fascination with words is what makes her living, so it may not have done any harm.

But it is better to stop while they are still wanting to play the game. Then they will always want to play it next time. here's what you need to give your baby the best start and have fun at the same time!