Baby Toys for Christmas

Baby toys for Christmas are a lot fun to look for, trying them all out in the toy department of a store or at ToysRus (not sure if I spelt that right) Brings back old memories of being a kid. Although there is much more variety now than there was years ago.

I've found that Fisher Price and Baby Einstein make great baby toys. There may be better one's but you can't go wrong with either of these makes.

For a young baby, newborn to about 1 year, soft books with high-contrast patterns are ideal, sensory toys, wind chimes,and especially Black, white and red toys as these colors help baby focus their eyes and identify different colors. For 6 months and up block shapes with a container to fit them in are a staple for all babies. Fisher Price makes a school bus that these blocks can be put in slots, and there are a lot of other containers that they sell for fitting the blocks in.

Baby Einstein has many mobile's that would be geat for a Christmas baby present, also their dvd's make great baby toys for Christmas