Teach Your Baby Sign Language

Most mothers intuitively know many of their babies needs and desires, but have you ever considered communicating with your baby using sign Language?

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to try it, and what you Can expect if you do.

1.You can use language to communicate with your baby before they can talk (sign language).

2.If your baby can actually use simple signs to communicate to you it makes them feel better. (they have communicated and been understood)

3.In early childhood development, using sign language develops the brain and can result in higher I.Q..

4.Babies develop the muscles in their hands before they develop those required for speech

5.It helps prevent tantrums – more peaceful and happy home.

You can begin teaching your baby sign language anytime, but the best time to begin sign language with your baby is between 6-8 Months.

Once you can hold eye contact with your baby and keep her attention for at least 7 seconds, you could begin with a simple sign for something that baby is very familiar with – milk for example.

The sign for milk is: a closed fist them you open the fist and then close it again. When baby wants milk, you have the bottle in one hand and do the sign with the other hand, saying milk..

Baby may not respond if you start earlier than 6-8 months but she is listening and watching.

Research shows that babies that are exposed to and use sign language, talk earlier, and have a larger speaking vocabulary.

Learning and using sign language does not take up more time, in fact it is a game that you and baby will enjoy and make the time together more fun.

The end result could be amazing.

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