Baby Shower Gifts That Excite the Imagination

Baby Shower gifts that excite the imagination - at least my imagination.

Being a mother of three plus grandmother of three, I made a list of what would be MY five most wanted baby shower gifts at MY baby shower.

(IF, I was doing it all over again!).

Number 1 - The Tiny Love Symphony-In-Motion Zoo Mobile.

WHY? Babies from time to time, even if everything possible in the way of comfort and communication has been done for them, are still unhappy.

I think you could have the most upset baby and put her in the crib and turn on this mobile and within a few minutes there would be a change of mood.

Because of the way it works, it extroverts baby’s attention and the classical music that has been arranged especially for babies, calms and inspires them.

My youngest grandaughter had one and she would be fascinated with it for about 30 minutes at a time, she would just lie in her crib and watch it and fall asleep.


No.2 would be a Jogging stroller

WHY? Because I think of how long it took me to get in shape after pregnancy and how little time I had available for exercise. With a Jogging stroller you can Multi-task, a nice stroll each day for baby and mum feels energized and happy after the exercise.


I would have really liked to have a maid!. Full-time?

That is an expensive proposition!. But a maid service coming in once (or twice) a week. would have been a godsend.

There are probably many Maid Services advertised in the Yellow pages where the mother-to-be lives. You may be able to buy a gift certificate from them. Or if not you could just arrange the maid service and write your own gift certificate in a gift card.


An absolute necessity. (if you have a car)This gives the new mom freedom to easily go wherever she has gone before, or wherever she has to, or wants to go, with her baby.

Some of the most peaceful relaxed times can be driving in the Car with your baby.


Number 5.

A comfortable easily washable high chair will be much appreciated by any new mom. The high chair in the link is very practical and is suitable for baby and infant.

(Some of these baby shower gifts maybe too expensive for one person. It could be a good idea for two or more people to get together to buy 1 gift that you know the mom-to-be would like most.}