Baby Shower Foods and Gestational Diabetes

Delicious Recipes for Gestational Diabetes ! The baby shower menu is arguably

one of the most important aspects of the

baby shower, but setting out the wrong foods can be a disaster

for both the mom-to-be and the hostesses.

It’s tempting to want the entire process to

be a surprise, right down to the menu.

But if you provide food that mom can’t eat,

everyone will feel bad, so start your

planning after co-ordinating with mum.

Gestational diabetes is a common problem

during pregnancy and many women face the

rigors of establishing and maintaining very

strict diet requirements during those months.

The disease can harm both baby and mother

so it’s best not to tempt mom with sweets

that she’s not allowed to have during this time.

Because a baby shower could very well be

considered a special occasion, many

pregnant women with gestational diabetes

could be tempted to drop the diet

requirements for the few hours, undoing

weeks or months of careful maintenance.

Before you start planning your baby shower

food menu, be sure that the traditional

baby shower foods – including the cake –

are going to meet your mom’s diet requirements.

Not all diet issues are related to diabetes

and your mom-to-be could very well have some food allergies.

Nuts are one traditional baby shower menu

item that are off limits to some people.

While the mom-to-be can easily avoid a bowl

of nuts set out for guests to snack on,

it’ll be more difficult to avoid the black

walnuts in walnut ice cream.

Again, simply talking to the mom-to-be

before choosing the baby shower foods can save the party.

There are some very traditional baby shower

foods that are included in almost every shower.

Cake, punch, ice cream, nuts and mints are

often offered, but remember that baby

showers are a time for the friends and

family of the mom-to-be to gather for fun.

If there are other foods that will better

suit the mood or the needs of the day,

don’t be afraid to be creative.

If the mom has craved spicy food during the

pregnancy, set up a Tex-Mex bar with all the fixings for tacos.

Order pizza delivery or set up a cookie decorating area.

The only rules when it comes to baby shower

foods is that the baby shower menu should be set up with mom in mind.

After that, your imagination and budget are the only limits. For delicious Gestational Diabetes Recipes - You can't beat this 500 recipe Diabetes cookbook.

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